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Increase revenues and automate services for better quality and greater outcomes with our fully integrated practice solution.

Smart Automation Solution

Smart Automation Sytem: It's easy way of controlling your home,hotel or office entertainment, temperature (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), security system, window shades, and surveillance cameras, all from one centralized device.

The below following features is available for Smart Home, Office and Hotel.

Smart  automation products and software offer scalable solutions to meet every need for home, office and hotel automation platforms for control of your security, energy and entertainment settings.

  1. Arm or disarm your security system or alert emergency personnel
  2. Control lighting with the touch of your finger
  3. Quickly check the locks on all doors and lock or unlock the doors from one menu
  4. Access thermostat settings including humidity settings
  5. Control window shades and draperies
  6. Control Audio System or a compatible system
  7. Control all gate for home, office and hotel

Please contact us for further more details for your Smart Home, Office and Hotel. We will provide all solution under one roof.


Products and services overview

Parking Management

Parking Management :

Car parking has become an immense issue, especially in big cities.
There are two main reasons:

Firstly, the growth in population
secondly, security.

AD SMART Tech, the industry leader of parking management system, we offer best service for all customers. Our products are not only safe and convenient, and also give the most reasonable management of man power. Products line includes parking barrier, entry station, exit station, automatic pay station, central management system, cashier station, tire blocker and bollards. All are designed for management of modern full automatic parking and fit for use at industry zone, residential zone, business building, office tower, governmental unit, recreation area and private parking lot. By effective management of parking management system and parking machines, no matter vacant land, underground floor, or even mechanical type parking lot and parking tower, all of them can be transformed into full automatic parking lot. In other words, the land can be used effectively and the space can maximize economic value.

we believe that each car park is unique and require customized management systems in order to achieve optimal operation, we take a systems approach in designing entries and exits, traffic flow, guidance systems, payment systems, and access management of every parking project that we handle.We offer best solution from different brand automatic car parking system.

We are your professional partner in providing parking management solutions that include:

  1. Car Park Equipment & Management Systems

  2. Parking Guidance Systems with Find My Car Solution

  3. Valet Parking System - Smart ValetTM

  4. On-Street Parking Control Systems - Parking meters and pay & display

  5. Integration of access control and security features such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), CCTV Surveillance, and others

  6. Traffic Barriers • Electro-mechanical / Hydraulic / Manual Bollards

  7. LED Lighting Systems

  8. Signage of Parking Areas

  9. Operation and Maintenance

Our scope includes:

  1. Complete parking management system design with comprehensive parking facility assessment and recommendation.

  2. Systems integration including recommendation of appropriate technologies.

  3. Installation and commissioning.

  4. Operation and maintenance.


After-sales Services Since we value long term partnership with our clients, after-sales services is an equally important aspect of our business. We offer services including:

  1. Parking facility operation including manpower supply

  2. Preventive and periodic maintenance contracts

  3. 24/7 on-call technical support

  4. AD SMART Tech. employs a dedicated team of engineers and technicians solely attending day-to-day operation, service and maintenance activities

Products and services overview

Time Attendance Solution

Time Attendance Solution:
We provide complete range of biometric time attendance and access control products inorder to enhance security .
Our various product lines features the latest technologies in time and attendance systems , backed by our excellent technical support .


  1. Fully scalable and reliable.

  2. User friendly GUI.

  3. Available in English/Hindi/Arabic interface.

  4. Real-Time Attendance Report for Multiple Work Locations.

  5. Auto-Calculation of Overtime & Customizable Attendance Allowances such as Attendance Bonus, OT Meal Allowance, etc.

  6. Unlimited Shift Patterns Creation including Split Shift.

  7. 100% Web based.

  8. Attractive Add-on Modules such as E-mail notification, automated Workflows and Approvals and much more.

  9. Powerful reporting tool.

  10. Can be customized to meet different requirements & complex needs.

  11. Can be easily integrated with third party applications.

  12. Supports different communication methods. Helps organizations to Improve the way to manage their workforce.

  13. Keep track of your employee movements.

  14. Achieve accurate pay-slips.

  15. Support different schedule types such as Flexible, Advanced and Normal Schedules.

  16. Wide range of reliable and configurable Time Attendance Terminals ,Different card reader types(MI fare, iClass, Proximity, Magnetic Card Readers).

  17. Different finger-print readers(Optical, Capacitive, Vein Readers).

  18. Face recognition, Hand & Finger geometry readers.

  19. Full color touch screen displays.

  20. Support up to 24 Hours Rotational Shifts.

  21. Pre-defined Working Calendar or Duty Roster.

  22. Fully Compatible with All Biometric and Proximity Card Readers.

  23. Supervisor Login - View/Verify Attendance Anytime, Anywhere.

  24. Comprehensive Reports such as Lateness, Absenteeism, Total Work Hour, etc.

  25. Fully Integrated with e-Payroll and e-Leave Management System.

Products and services overview


IT Consultaion:
Our mission is to analyze and solve the strategic or routine IT problems our customers have. We feel strongly that the core of our business is the provision of IT consulting services which is implemented by combination of talented information technology consultants, practical methodologies, and a passion for delivering truly beneficial IT solutions. We couple a methodology of outstanding customer IT consulting service to support our customers with up-to-date tools and innovative ideas.

One of our key services is to provide professional assistance to organisations of all sizes that are undertaking IT projects. We assist in areas such as IT advice, planning and installation for infrastructure or software projects. We have the technical knowledge and experience to help you with any IT problem or challenge.Our engineers are experts in:

  1. Consulting, Planning and Recommendations
  2. Network Design, Implementation, and Maintenance
  3. Server Migrations
  4. Virtualization Solutions
  5. High Availability Solutions
  6. Hosted Solutions
  7. Offsite Backup Solutions
  8. Site to Site Connectivity Solutions
  9. Redundant Internet Access Solutions
  10. High Availability Internet Gateway Solutions
  11. Real Time Monitoring 24×7
  12. Proactive Maintenance
  13. Managed Security Solutions
  14. Help Desk Support
  15. Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  16. Firewall, VPN and Network Security Solutions
  17. Intrusion Prevention Solutions
  18. Traffic and Bandwidth Management Solutions
  19. Wireless Network Solutions
  20. Remote Access Solutions
  21. Employee Internet Access Management Solutions
  22. VoIP Telephony Solutions
  23. Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and Anti-Spyware Solutions
  24. Structured Cabling
  25. Project Management
  26. IT & Data Security
  27. Cloud Migrations
  28. Hardware Upgrades
  29. IT Audits
  30. Office 365
  31. Office Relocations
  32. Software Licencing
  33. Web Development
  34. Software Development
  35. Open Source Customization
  36. IT Consultancy Services
  37. Software Migration & Maintenance
  38. Business Process Outsourcing

We are your greatest resource when you need a complete technology solution. From strategic needs analysis, infrastructure review, solution design, procurement to installation, our IT consultancy can handle as little or as much as you wish.

Allow us to create a technology roadmap that will support and help you realise your organisation’s goals by increasing business efficiencies and productivity, alleviating business pain and mitigating risk.

We can also offer you a range of training services for your staff, on a variety of topics and software applications – so they’re equipped with the right knowledge from a dependable source, allowing them to perform tasks correctly and proficiently.

Products and services overview


RFID Solution:

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a system that transmits identity in the form of a unique serial number of a product wirelessly. RFID, a type of Auto-ID technology is used to reduce time and labor and improve real time data accuracy. Most commonly, an RFID tag consists of a microchip attached to a radio antenna mounted on a substrate. This technology connects products to the Internet for tracking purposes so that information can be shared with businesses across the supply chain.

We are providing solution on Active & Passive Technology with latest cutting edge technology. Also We used Zigbee , Bluetooth Solution for RFID solution to minimize the Infrastructure cost. RFID are now days adopt in many industry. We are committed to provide the solution in may areas. Such as:

•  Aerospace
  Consumer Packaged Goods
  Medical Devices
  Health Care
  Transportation & many more..

RFID benefits in whole process in any industry in your organization 
•    Helps reduce labor costs
•    Simplify business processes
•    Reduces inventory errors and inaccuracies
•    Helps prevent theft
•    Helps prevent the distribution and sale of counterfeit products
•    Reduces waste
•    Decreases the need for manual checks and counts
•    Decreases the need for manual checks and counts
•    Reduces inventory handling costs
•    Decreases claims and deductions
•    Helps to reduce out-of-stocks and improve inventory turns
•    Improves order fill rates
•    Increases distribution center productivity
•    Helps to create a more adaptable supply chain

Products and services overview

Security Solution

Security Solution:

Vehicle road blockers are main key component of your security plan, especially to prohibit forced and unauthorized vehicle. Our Road Blocker is the ultimate in preventing access at your site or premises, it provides high security coupled with a very visible hindrance and can be installed in a variety of different applications with centralized system or standalone systems.We offer vehicle road blockers that are tough, reliable and uncompromising, providing perfect solution for prevention of unwanted vehicle access in both manned and unmanned vehicle parking areas. We also provide an excellent deterrent against the most determined intruder.
Our road blockers are specifically designed to protect and prevent interruption from unauthorized moving vehicles. We have a wide range of road blockers that can be used along road sides, car  Parks, Warehouses, Hotels, Hospitals and Factories, Embassies, airports, oil & gas, financial institutes, government buildings, data centers, military bases,shopping malls etc..


We provide security solutions for Road Barrier ,Tyre Killers,Bollards,Sliding gates,Speed Gate,Trunstile & ANPR systems. These system are available as centralized systems or stanadalone systems.

Road Blockers:

  • Basic Road Blocker with hydraulic drive unit
  • Crash-rated Road Blocker
  • Blocking width up to 8 m
  • Drive unit integrated or separate
  • Crash tested as per K12  & PAS
  • Hot dip galvanized metal parts to make the bollard corrosion resistant.
  • Can be operated even during power failure (2-3 runs).
  • Accident proof LED light ring.
  • Adjustable rising/lowering speed from 3 sec - 8 sec.
  • Unique mechanism for vibration free operation.
  • IP 68 rated connectors for waterproof operation.
  • Additional anti-rise safety feature.
  • IP 68 rated pneumatic actuator.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Centralized System  or Stand alone system



Our clients can avail from us a wide collection of best quality Automatic Tyre Killer System. These products are made 
from high quality materials.


  • Basic type, spring loaded
  • Basic type, hydraulic driven
  • Standard type, hydraulic driven
  • Drive unit integrated or separate
  • Easy to operate Compact design
  • Longer service life
  • High work capacity
  • Power efficiency
  • Light weight
  • Electromechanical Tyre killer / Spike Barrier: 

    Electromechanical tyre killer is one  of the highest  security vehicle  access control  systems in  which  a vehicle without permission cannot enter. Tyres of the unpermitted vehicle splits open immediately, therefore the vehicle moves only a few more meters and is stopped. Jaws  of the  tire  killer move all together. Drive unit  is placed  to one end  of the tire  killer, it stands above the ground level and is a complete assembly with the body. In this way, both smooth transmission of motion and minimum effect of external factors are achieved.


Gates (manual and motorized):

  • Sliding gates, cantilever type
  • Sliding gates on ground track
  • Folding gates
  • Swing gates
  • Lowering gates
  • Crash-rated gates
  • Shot and blast-resistant gates
  • Special custom-made gates


Automatic sliding gate:


  • They are convenient.
  • No need to get out of the car, no rain, no sun, can be accessed sitting in the car with remote or RF 
  • They are more secure.
  • Come with automatic locks, integrated safety beams, and other features that boost security. Cannot be opened manually without your consent.
  • They take less space 
  • They are durable


Swing Door:

Top quality products for automatic doors of all types - bi-folding, hinged and sliding. We offer a versatile range of automatic door automation systems for sliding doors, with our operators, the range has expanded further. Our swing
door automation is a low energy operator and also complies with DDA regulations.


  • Single leaf & telescopic continuous duty.
  • Single leaf , double leaf continuous duty. 
  • Design enters architecture.
  • Intelligent control : a microprocessor checks all door activities in real time 
  • The function logic can be selected by using a selector.
  • In compliance with international safety regulations.


Barriers (horizontal and vertical):

  1. Parking barriers
  2. Toll barriers
  3. Industrial barriers
  4. Gate barriers
  5. Swan-neck type barriers
  6. Barriers with folding skirt
  7. Crash-rated barriers
  8. Manually operated barriers or Centralized operated barriers

Our organization is widely acknowledged across  the  market for  providing an  outstanding  range  of Automatic Boom
Barrier System in the market.


  • Easy to use
  • Fine finish
  • Simple installation
  • Trouble free operation
  • High strength

Boom barriers are the perfect equipment for effective parking management system. They can be used in the entry and exit
points of parking places factories, stations, malls, toll  plazas and so many other places where a possibility  of medium to
heavy traffic has to be controlled to get convenient security system


Tripod Turnstile System:


  • The turnstile has electro mechanical mechanism
  • 3 x 120 degree rotating tripod arms
  • Bi-directional operational control
  • The turnstile has a self-centering mechanism with hydraulic damping
  • Integrated with access control
  • Case work available in mild steel powder coated or stainless steel 304, with stainless steel arms
  • Lockable casing


Protect your facility with rising or stationary bollards. Depending on the application and requirement, we offer bollards that can be customized to suit aesthetic requirements. We offer bollards that are crash tested and can withstand heavy vehicle impact even at high speed Airports Embassies,Banks,Government Institutions,Military Camps and more…


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System:
Traffic Tech was the first to develop an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System with the capability to read number plates and characters at high accuracy.

  • ANPR is a technology that provides automated access on number plate
  • contents, extracting numbers and alphabets within a fraction of a second,and converts it to a computer recognizable format.
  • Our ANPR System is a 24/7 working solution that works with full options even when servers and networks are down.
  • Traffic Tech SmartANPR™ Solutions
  • Key Configurations:
  • Free Flow Mode – Suitable for logging / monitoring of vehicles passing through law enforcement check points. Database of black list vehicles (i.e. stolen) can be uploaded into the system to facilitate surveillance & monitoring function.
  • Can work as a stand alone system of can be integrated with other systems. Remote operation monitoring from any place over a local area network.Reports can be generated for future security use / review.'
  • SmartANPR™
  • In Free Flow or Mobile Mode, SmartANPR™ can be used for a various traffic monitoring,
  • surveillance, and law enforcement applications that include:
  • Freeway border control
  • Automates number plate recording of vehicles crossing country borders. Speeds up overall immigration processing time that reduces vehicle queuing.
  • Monitoring of hot/stolen vehicles crossing borders.Highway security surveillance
  • Point to point speed enforcement
  • Mobile patrolling / surveillance of stolen vehicles.


Products and services overview



We at AD Smart Technologies work in diverse business verticals both with the government and the private sector. Networking solutions and IS  Security forms our core business. We have a very efficient and well trained team at our end to ensure that all the products are developed and solutions are implemented keeping in mind the deadline of our esteemed clients. Our Expertise lies in the following domains of work:

Network Security, Telecom:
•LAN, WAN & Wireless Infrastructure We design custom based solution for complete LAN, WAN and Wireless Infrastructure.
•Our design and planning keeps in mind your present and future requirements.
•Our network maximizes the potential of voice and data technologies to facilitate the exchange of information.
•We work on Internet connectivity to the most complex protocol configurations and large-scale enterprise networks.
•We enable intelligent network infrastructures new technologies like virtual private networking (VPN), voice and video over IP.


•We provide structured cabling services for all types of systems including computer networks and phone systems.
•Installation and configuration of new or existing routers, switches, repeaters, and other network devices.
•Custom solutions available


•Firewall solutions available for secure network communications.
•Secure sensitive data and files with encryption.
•Security options for workstations and laptops, including security software and secure internet browsing solutions.


•Different options available for situations of all types and sizes.
•Wireless network security options including WPA2 and RADIUS.
•Fast, reliable solutions for your wireless networks.


•Server set-up and configuration for Linux, Microsoft, and Apple systems.
•Solutions for Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, WSUS, and more!
•We also provide installation and support for file servers, web servers, and print servers, just to name a few!

Network Integration solutions

Based on a proven delivery model for networking, AD Smart Technologies Network Integration Services can help ensure your network's ability to provide the level of 
availability and performance your business requires. This service can help you:
•Tailor network design to respond to changing business requirements.
•Implement complex network upgrades, refreshes, expansions and consolidations.
•Improve network availability and performance.
•Simplify project coordination and accelerate implementation schedules.
•Reduce the risks associated with making changes to the network.
•Improve service delivery and control the cost of network monitoring and management.

Load Balancing

V-eight Technology provides efficient, cost-effective, and easy-to-use Load Balancing Solutions to maximize utilization of Internet access for enterprises of all scales.
•Boosting network data rates, reliability, and flexibility, minimize lags and downtimes by automatic adjustments;
•Prioritizing and balancing traffic by Type, Application or Department;
•Enforcing security policies like a Firewall.


Products and services overview

Retail Solution

Retail Solution:

Retailers face the constant demand to have the right goods available at the right places in the right quantities. using RFID/NFC/Barcode technology is the right solution to achieve this.RFID/NFC/Barcode offers benefits from the manufacturing facility all the way through to the point of sale. immediate benefits by utilizing RFID/NFC/Barcode tags for retail include inventory accuracy, decrease in inventory count , reduced man hours required for restocking,improved customer service with increased man hours available for customer interaction,increased in-stock position and shelf level accuracy and more efficient back room replenishment. RFID/NFC/Barcode allows retailers to complement existing systems while gathering more information throughout the whole application. systems with the power to update the information that moves with an individual product provide complete visibility.
RFID also can act like a security guard at a gateway. as goods are moved from dock to truck to store, rfid can conduct automatic inventories and compare the goods with the manifest. goods flow becomes more complete, out of stock situations reduced,overages are curtailed and accounting discrepancies are removed. rfid tagged products also ensure perfect brand authentication. it makes life easier and more convenient for consumers around the world by making it simpler to make transactions, exchange digital content,and connect electronic devices with a touch. anyone can buy blank rfid tags and then write customized data to them. type 1 and type 2 tags can be written to multiple times. these tags can also be permanently locked,or encrypted,so that no one can manipulate the data. type 3 and type 4 tags can only be written to once,like a cd or a dvd,and they lack the security of types 1 and 2. AD SMART Technologies had much successful experience. Our  products provide excellent printing protection with glossy thin overlay, laser engrave permanent numbering. we use special glue developed  by 3M specialist for applications include tags and labels. There are many alternative and optional parts for customer enquiry of  tags.AD SMART Technologies offers a range of RFID/NFC/Barcode products designed for retail application.

  3. NFC TAG
  5. Barcode Solution


Traceability and stock labels :
Whether they are blank, pre-printed, thermal or thermal transfer, logistic labels are required to identify your goods and track shipments. Our logistics labels can be tailored for any requirements and ensure full traceability from storage, shipment and delivery. We can also print your labels with your variable data on demand

Products and services overview

Web Design

Web Design:

AD Smart Technologies does provide custom web development services to meet the business goals of their valuable clients. At AD Smart Technologies, it is ensured that all the key factors of our client’s business – brand identity, image building, and online profile are addressed in a well coordinated and systematic manner in order to create an ultimate user experience. The parameters are modeled to arrive at the ultimate user experience to be professional, clear and easy to navigate.

AD Smart Technologies has the expertise, experience and ability to create complex business solutions. At AD Smart Technologies, we employ our technical know how, domain expertise, methodological processes to understand the business goals, strategic and marketing objectives of our valuable clients.

AD Smart Technologies’ expertise and experience provides the clients web solutions from a single, proven source. At AD Smart Technologies, we have developed customized and unique web solutions- corporate website, eCommerce solutions, and extensive intranet web-based applications across diversified businesses.Our Expert team have good expericnce integration with Social site of your website.


Our Web Design Process :

Every business website will have different goals based on business type, brand, target customer, and industry competition. Depending on business size, there might be data assets like web analytics or a CRM database. The business might have an in-house staff for copywriting or photography. Gathering information on the resources available are the first steps when meeting with a business on a web design project.

1.Planning Meeting :
Before we quote on a web design project, we will schedule a meeting to cover the objectives of the web design project, timeline, and available assets. These assets may include a brand guide, web analytics, a product database or other content assets we will need to access during the project. Our project manager will be your dedicated point of contact from beginning to end, and will set timeline expectations for the different project milestones.

2.Wire framing :
The people who visit your website are looking for something. It might be to learn about a topic, make a purchase, submit an inquiry, or engage with your business. The objective with building a wireframe is to align the website navigation with the buyer journey. The website needs to meet different user groups, at different points in their journey in order to efficiently evaluate, consider, and convert. The user experience must be consistent across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

3.Static Design V1 :
Time to make the website look good. We will design a mobile layout, tablet, and desktop layout based on the designed wire frames and visual assets. Our project manager will be coordinating with you and our team to submit a Static web design V1. This version one (V1) will be subject to revisions (V2, V3,..V6) based on design budget and client feedback.

4.Programming :
The complexity here can vary. The website design will be sliced into the CMS or theme, and often times there is custom programming or WordPress Development under the same web design project. Custom functionality, animations, Ecommerce, 3rd party integrations, or other database-driven functions are developed during this stage.

5.Quality Control and Testing :
Test our work on Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. Test our work on Mac OS and Windows. Test our work on iOS and Android devices – and debug along the way. This new website needs to be error-free upon launch, and we make sure we cover our bases. The website will also be optimized for speed and on-page SEO will be completed during this stage.

6.Website Launch :
Schedule a date. Configure the server. Prepare necessary 301 redirects. Resubmit sitemap. Install Google Analytics and set up website goals. Install the Facebook Pixel  and any other tracking tags. Post-launch testing and the digital strategy has just begun!


Products and services overview

Offshore Services

Outsourcing IT Function:

Traditionally, outsourced IT functions have fallen into one of two categories: infrastructure outsourcing and application outsourcing. Infrastructure outsourcing can include service desk capabilities, data center outsourcing, network services, managed security operations, or overall infrastructure management. Application outsourcing may include new application development, legacy system maintenance, testing and QA services, and packaged software implementation and management.

We are providing infrastructure outsourcing and application outsourcing with our expert team which will be solve as per your requirments.When you need to quickly build the skills within your team without blowing the project budget, our IT offshore software development services are ideal.We also supply manpower in your premises as per your requirment long time or time to time.

Outsourcing benefits and costs :
The business case for outsourcing varies by situation, but the benefits of outsourcing often include one or more of the following:
•  lower costs (due to economies of scale or lower labor rates)
•  increased efficiency
•  variable capacity
•  increased focus on strategy/core competencies
•  access to skills or resources
•  increased flexibility to meet changing business and commercial conditions
•  accelerated time to market
•  lower ongoing investment in internal infrastructure
•  access to innovation, intellectual property, and thought leadership
•  possible cash influx resulting from transfer of assets to the new provider

Business Intelligence :
Our offshore professionals specialized in large migration projects in Business Intelligence
•  BI Architects
•  Data Modelers
•  Data Analysts & Designers
•  Database Developers
•  Front-end/OLAP Developers
•  BI Quality Assurance Engineers

Offshore Resources and Skills :
Our offshore professionals have wide skillsets to ensure that you receive the best service possible. Some of these skills include:
•  Programmer Analysts (, C#, VB.NET, WPF, WCF,PHP,Java)
•  Web API
•  SAP
•  Cloud Architecture
•  DBAs (SQL, Oracle and DB2)
•  QA (functional, automated, performance)
•  Project Managers
•  BAs


Products and services overview

Manpower Service & Adminstration

Manpower Services:

We work closely with companies to ensure that we are able to find suitable candidates who are not only able to do the job but who also share their company’s ethos and vision. With our team of industry specialists and a network of contacts, we can fulfill your manpower requirements and provide effective solution to your manpower needs.


Our clients benefit through our prompt response with practical and affordable solutions for all their manpower needs. We deliver to our Clients qualified professionals that actively, and immediately, contribute to the successful completion of Client projects.
Our manpower supply and management services comprise:

•Supply of permanent or temporary personnel
•Performance Management
•Training and Development
•Exit management
•Staff documentation


AD SMART Technologies Code of Conduct :
AD SMART Technologies  our supply chain business partners to be committed to business principles, culture and values that align with our own commitments to social responsibility and sustainability, and to provide positive assurance regarding of their commitment to the key business practices outlined below.


Obeying the Law :
1. Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the jurisdiction where operations are undertaken.


Business Integrity :
2. No offer or attempt at improper advantage, including the payment or acceptance of bribes, to secure delivery of goods or services.

Employees :
3. Provision of safe and healthy working conditions for all employees.

4. Zero tolerance of human trafficking.

5. No use of any form of forced or compulsory labor; and freedom of employees to leave employment after reasonable notice.

6. No use of child labor; and compliance with relevant International Labor Organization standards.

7. No discrimination due to race, color, religion, national origin, cultural background, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity, or any other protected status in the jurisdiction where operations are undertaken.

8. Wage and working hours complying, at a minimum, with applicable laws, rules and regulations regarding employment, including minimum wage, overtime and maximum working hours in the jurisdiction concerned.

9. Respect for the right of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

10. Ensure the privacy and protection of personal and sensitive information and data.

11. Provision of training and learning opportunities.
Clients and Customers

12. Delivery of services that consistently meet specified quality, safety and data privacy and other relevant criteria.

13. Management of the business in an environmentally sound manner, including compliance with all relevant legislation of the jurisdiction where operations are undertaken.
   AD SMART Technologies  business partners are encouraged to report any concerns directly to their primary contact.


Products and services overview

Sales & Services

Sales and Services :
We provide a wide variety of innovative IT Products , Solutions that fits customer professional needs. Our IT products, solutions and sales services integrate your existing business needs that designed according to your enterprise needs. Our technical peoples know about better understanding of business process that transforms your business needs. By utilizing latest technology, we provide IT Solutions and we do care for timely delivery of onsite & offshore model that ensure flexibility and agility. We provide standardized solutions which are especially tailored according to the customer requirements. With many year of experience,  we are the one who provide end-to-end solution with high return-on-investment.


Extensive knowledge of the Brands we carry, not just on the sales side but also on the service side. If you have a unique request for your new Solution or IT Products we will help you find the one that most fits your needs, steering you away from potential problems. Remember, what works for others may not be the best fit for you.


  • We provide service at industry competitive price.

  • We provide profit driven and proactive service delivery model.

  • Improve operational efficiency.

  • Standardized Approach.

  • We continuously improve our services as per the requirement of the business.

  • We providing cutting edge technology solutions and products.



  • Strategic sales development.

  •  IT Product Selection and Sourcing, IT solution which will fit your needs.

  • Vendor Incentive Programs.

  • Network and System Inventory.

  • Software Licensing and Hardware Support.

  • Our team support to select hardware, Software  & our solution start from planning till support.


When you select us for our solution & services you get experienced Planning, deisgn, delivery and installation, support. Our techs are trained and vetted by the manufacturers and have many years of experience. Some of our delivery personnel have been for decades and will treat your requirement with care.

Products and services overview