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Time Attendance Solution

Time Attendance Solution:
We provide complete range of biometric time attendance and access control products inorder to enhance security .
Our various product lines features the latest technologies in time and attendance systems , backed by our excellent technical support .


  1. Fully scalable and reliable.

  2. User friendly GUI.

  3. Available in English/Hindi/Arabic interface.

  4. Real-Time Attendance Report for Multiple Work Locations.

  5. Auto-Calculation of Overtime & Customizable Attendance Allowances such as Attendance Bonus, OT Meal Allowance, etc.

  6. Unlimited Shift Patterns Creation including Split Shift.

  7. 100% Web based.

  8. Attractive Add-on Modules such as E-mail notification, automated Workflows and Approvals and much more.

  9. Powerful reporting tool.

  10. Can be customized to meet different requirements & complex needs.

  11. Can be easily integrated with third party applications.

  12. Supports different communication methods. Helps organizations to Improve the way to manage their workforce.

  13. Keep track of your employee movements.

  14. Achieve accurate pay-slips.

  15. Support different schedule types such as Flexible, Advanced and Normal Schedules.

  16. Wide range of reliable and configurable Time Attendance Terminals ,Different card reader types(MI fare, iClass, Proximity, Magnetic Card Readers).

  17. Different finger-print readers(Optical, Capacitive, Vein Readers).

  18. Face recognition, Hand & Finger geometry readers.

  19. Full color touch screen displays.

  20. Support up to 24 Hours Rotational Shifts.

  21. Pre-defined Working Calendar or Duty Roster.

  22. Fully Compatible with All Biometric and Proximity Card Readers.

  23. Supervisor Login - View/Verify Attendance Anytime, Anywhere.

  24. Comprehensive Reports such as Lateness, Absenteeism, Total Work Hour, etc.

  25. Fully Integrated with e-Payroll and e-Leave Management System.

Time Attendance Solution