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Zebra Releases Enterprise MotionWorks Platform and New Reader Hardware

Although Zebra Technologies' MotionWorks solution got its start in athletics, companies far beyond the sports industry—including manufacturers and logistics providers—are using the ultra-wideband (UWB) solution to understand the locations of assets and personnel. In many cases, however, these companies have multiple location technology solutions in place, at different sites or in different departments, with no integration.

As a business's technology use grows, so does the need to integrate and utilize the data from these systems. To meet growing demands on such large organizations, Zebra has developed an enterprise-wide MotionWorks solution aimed at helping companies integrate all of their MotionWorks- and other technology-based location data onto a single platform.

The Lincolnshire, Ill., company's new MotionWorks platform is powered by Zebra's Savanna Internet of Things (IoT)-based location engine, enabling users to collect data from RFID and other location technologies across an entire enterprise, and to provide not only the locations of things and individuals, but also the analysis and context needed for decision making. Zebra released Savanna software for asset intelligence last year (see Companies Trialing Zebra Technologies' IoT Savanna Platform), and the new location engine now provides a layer that captures and manages data from multiple solutions across an enterprise, to be viewed and analyzed on a single platform.

Until now, says Matt Seltz, Zebra's general manager of location solutions, those using MotionWorks technology have been point-driven. That means they have employed specific solutions for particular applications, and have used a variety of RFID-based solutions across a single enterprise. That could include a handheld or fixed reader for tool tracking, or a reader portal for inventory management within a warehouse. This "edge" data serves a purpose for specific departments or operations, he notes, but doesn't deliver actionable insights to an entire enterprise. The data being collected, Seltz asserts, could be used for much more.

When Zebra acquired Motorola Solutions' enterprise business in 2014 (see Zebra Buys Motorola Solutions' Enterprise Business), it found its customers included companies using a variety of technologies formerly offered by Motorola, as well as systems created by Zebra, with little integration occurring between them. In many cases, Seltz says, they were collecting vast amounts of data that went unused by management, without a single platform on which the data could be integrated and provide greater context regarding the operation of the entire enterprise.

With the MotionWorks platform and Savanna location engine, Seltz says, "We tie all the solutions together." That can mean UHF or other RFID technologies, as well as UWB, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, bar codes and cameras. The portfolio also includes multiple MotionWorks solutions already in use by companies, such as MotionWorks Asset, MotionWorks Material and MotionWorks Yard solutions.

SYNIVERSE LAUNCHES GLOBAL PRIVATE NETWORK DEDICATED TO SECURING IOTSyniverse has announced the launch of Syniverse Secure Global Access, a private, secure, global network that provides the foundation for businesses to reliably safeguard mission-critical d

Syniverse has announced the launch of Syniverse Secure Global Access, a private, secure, global network that provides the foundation for businesses to reliably safeguard mission-critical data in the age of digital transformation. At the time of launch, more than five multinational businesses are already using Syniverse Secure Global Access to securely connect to the evolving mobile ecosystem and to safeguard vital business transactions like those needed to support the internet of things (IoT).

"While the public internet has become the platform for countless billions of sensitive business exchanges and transactions every day, almost 40% of all industrial control systems and critical infrastructure faced a cyberattack in the second half of 2017, according to BluVector," said Dean Douglas, President and CEO, Syniverse. "The reality is that the internet was not designed to be a secure environment, with malware and ransomware, data thefts and breaches, and hacks and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks representing just some of the serious rising threats that undermine the public internet backbone."

By directly connecting the enterprise to the Syniverse network, the Syniverse Secure Global Access provides privacy and security that are not available through the public internet. Moreover, it provides those businesses with secure connectivity to mobile operators across nearly 200 countries and territories.

"Companies moving into cloud and virtualized environments increasingly need to be able to move data and services in a private and secure manner, especially as the average cost of a single data breach will exceed $150 million by 2020, according to Juniper Research," said John Wick, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Connectivity and Mobility Services, Syniverse. "With stakes this high, businesses must have secure connectivity that provides global reach, reliability and isolation that is not possible via the public internet. Processing more than 4 billion transactions per day for more than 1,500 businesses around the globe, Syniverse has a history of securely supporting the volumes of high-speed, low-latency transactions that IoT will demand going forward."

In the last few years, critical business information has been compromised on an unrivaled scale. These attacks – which have taken down web servers worldwide and hit some of the largest financial institutions, utility companies, governments, healthcare providers, media companies, social networks and news outlets around the world – have been made possible by the vulnerability of the public internet.

Syniverse Secure Global Access uniquely reduces a business's exposure to these types of attacks by operating independently from the public internet to provide a private, global network with the scale necessary for businesses to keep pace with the explosive IoT growth.

"Syniverse Secure Global Access builds on our legacy of operating private, global networks that interconnect the mobile ecosystem and reach more than 7 billion mobile devices today," Wick said. "The launch of this secure, trusted, global network is the beginning of a new era of secure network solutions we will be offering to businesses and will incorporate features like cloud connectivity, advanced policy-based controls, and analytics."