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Smart Automation Solution

Smart Automation Sytem: It's easy way of controlling your home,hotel or office entertainment, temperature (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), security system, window shades, and surveillance cameras, all from one centralized device.

The below following features is available for Smart Home, Office and Hotel.

Smart  automation products and software offer scalable solutions to meet every need for home, office and hotel automation platforms for control of your security, energy and entertainment settings.

  1. Arm or disarm your security system or alert emergency personnel
  2. Control lighting with the touch of your finger
  3. Quickly check the locks on all doors and lock or unlock the doors from one menu
  4. Access thermostat settings including humidity settings
  5. Control window shades and draperies
  6. Control Audio System or a compatible system
  7. Control all gate for home, office and hotel

Please contact us for further more details for your Smart Home, Office and Hotel. We will provide all solution under one roof.


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