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Parking Management

Parking Management :

Car parking has become an immense issue, especially in big cities.
There are two main reasons:

Firstly, the growth in population
secondly, security.

AD SMART Tech, the industry leader of parking management system, we offer best service for all customers. Our products are not only safe and convenient, and also give the most reasonable management of man power. Products line includes parking barrier, entry station, exit station, automatic pay station, central management system, cashier station, tire blocker and bollards. All are designed for management of modern full automatic parking and fit for use at industry zone, residential zone, business building, office tower, governmental unit, recreation area and private parking lot. By effective management of parking management system and parking machines, no matter vacant land, underground floor, or even mechanical type parking lot and parking tower, all of them can be transformed into full automatic parking lot. In other words, the land can be used effectively and the space can maximize economic value.

we believe that each car park is unique and require customized management systems in order to achieve optimal operation, we take a systems approach in designing entries and exits, traffic flow, guidance systems, payment systems, and access management of every parking project that we handle.We offer best solution from different brand automatic car parking system.

We are your professional partner in providing parking management solutions that include:

  1. Car Park Equipment & Management Systems

  2. Parking Guidance Systems with Find My Car Solution

  3. Valet Parking System - Smart ValetTM

  4. On-Street Parking Control Systems - Parking meters and pay & display

  5. Integration of access control and security features such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), CCTV Surveillance, and others

  6. Traffic Barriers • Electro-mechanical / Hydraulic / Manual Bollards

  7. LED Lighting Systems

  8. Signage of Parking Areas

  9. Operation and Maintenance

Our scope includes:

  1. Complete parking management system design with comprehensive parking facility assessment and recommendation.

  2. Systems integration including recommendation of appropriate technologies.

  3. Installation and commissioning.

  4. Operation and maintenance.


After-sales Services Since we value long term partnership with our clients, after-sales services is an equally important aspect of our business. We offer services including:

  1. Parking facility operation including manpower supply

  2. Preventive and periodic maintenance contracts

  3. 24/7 on-call technical support

  4. AD SMART Tech. employs a dedicated team of engineers and technicians solely attending day-to-day operation, service and maintenance activities

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