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Security Solution

Security Solution:

Vehicle road blockers are main key component of your security plan, especially to prohibit forced and unauthorized vehicle. Our Road Blocker is the ultimate in preventing access at your site or premises, it provides high security coupled with a very visible hindrance and can be installed in a variety of different applications with centralized system or standalone systems.We offer vehicle road blockers that are tough, reliable and uncompromising, providing perfect solution for prevention of unwanted vehicle access in both manned and unmanned vehicle parking areas. We also provide an excellent deterrent against the most determined intruder.
Our road blockers are specifically designed to protect and prevent interruption from unauthorized moving vehicles. We have a wide range of road blockers that can be used along road sides, car  Parks, Warehouses, Hotels, Hospitals and Factories, Embassies, airports, oil & gas, financial institutes, government buildings, data centers, military bases,shopping malls etc..


We provide security solutions for Road Barrier ,Tyre Killers,Bollards,Sliding gates,Speed Gate,Trunstile & ANPR systems. These system are available as centralized systems or stanadalone systems.

Road Blockers:

  • Basic Road Blocker with hydraulic drive unit
  • Crash-rated Road Blocker
  • Blocking width up to 8 m
  • Drive unit integrated or separate
  • Crash tested as per K12  & PAS
  • Hot dip galvanized metal parts to make the bollard corrosion resistant.
  • Can be operated even during power failure (2-3 runs).
  • Accident proof LED light ring.
  • Adjustable rising/lowering speed from 3 sec - 8 sec.
  • Unique mechanism for vibration free operation.
  • IP 68 rated connectors for waterproof operation.
  • Additional anti-rise safety feature.
  • IP 68 rated pneumatic actuator.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Centralized System  or Stand alone system



Our clients can avail from us a wide collection of best quality Automatic Tyre Killer System. These products are made 
from high quality materials.


  • Basic type, spring loaded
  • Basic type, hydraulic driven
  • Standard type, hydraulic driven
  • Drive unit integrated or separate
  • Easy to operate Compact design
  • Longer service life
  • High work capacity
  • Power efficiency
  • Light weight
  • Electromechanical Tyre killer / Spike Barrier: 

    Electromechanical tyre killer is one  of the highest  security vehicle  access control  systems in  which  a vehicle without permission cannot enter. Tyres of the unpermitted vehicle splits open immediately, therefore the vehicle moves only a few more meters and is stopped. Jaws  of the  tire  killer move all together. Drive unit  is placed  to one end  of the tire  killer, it stands above the ground level and is a complete assembly with the body. In this way, both smooth transmission of motion and minimum effect of external factors are achieved.


Gates (manual and motorized):

  • Sliding gates, cantilever type
  • Sliding gates on ground track
  • Folding gates
  • Swing gates
  • Lowering gates
  • Crash-rated gates
  • Shot and blast-resistant gates
  • Special custom-made gates


Automatic sliding gate:


  • They are convenient.
  • No need to get out of the car, no rain, no sun, can be accessed sitting in the car with remote or RF 
  • They are more secure.
  • Come with automatic locks, integrated safety beams, and other features that boost security. Cannot be opened manually without your consent.
  • They take less space 
  • They are durable


Swing Door:

Top quality products for automatic doors of all types - bi-folding, hinged and sliding. We offer a versatile range of automatic door automation systems for sliding doors, with our operators, the range has expanded further. Our swing
door automation is a low energy operator and also complies with DDA regulations.


  • Single leaf & telescopic continuous duty.
  • Single leaf , double leaf continuous duty. 
  • Design enters architecture.
  • Intelligent control : a microprocessor checks all door activities in real time 
  • The function logic can be selected by using a selector.
  • In compliance with international safety regulations.


Barriers (horizontal and vertical):

  1. Parking barriers
  2. Toll barriers
  3. Industrial barriers
  4. Gate barriers
  5. Swan-neck type barriers
  6. Barriers with folding skirt
  7. Crash-rated barriers
  8. Manually operated barriers or Centralized operated barriers

Our organization is widely acknowledged across  the  market for  providing an  outstanding  range  of Automatic Boom
Barrier System in the market.


  • Easy to use
  • Fine finish
  • Simple installation
  • Trouble free operation
  • High strength

Boom barriers are the perfect equipment for effective parking management system. They can be used in the entry and exit
points of parking places factories, stations, malls, toll  plazas and so many other places where a possibility  of medium to
heavy traffic has to be controlled to get convenient security system


Tripod Turnstile System:


  • The turnstile has electro mechanical mechanism
  • 3 x 120 degree rotating tripod arms
  • Bi-directional operational control
  • The turnstile has a self-centering mechanism with hydraulic damping
  • Integrated with access control
  • Case work available in mild steel powder coated or stainless steel 304, with stainless steel arms
  • Lockable casing


Protect your facility with rising or stationary bollards. Depending on the application and requirement, we offer bollards that can be customized to suit aesthetic requirements. We offer bollards that are crash tested and can withstand heavy vehicle impact even at high speed Airports Embassies,Banks,Government Institutions,Military Camps and more…


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System:
Traffic Tech was the first to develop an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System with the capability to read number plates and characters at high accuracy.

  • ANPR is a technology that provides automated access on number plate
  • contents, extracting numbers and alphabets within a fraction of a second,and converts it to a computer recognizable format.
  • Our ANPR System is a 24/7 working solution that works with full options even when servers and networks are down.
  • Traffic Tech SmartANPR™ Solutions
  • Key Configurations:
  • Free Flow Mode – Suitable for logging / monitoring of vehicles passing through law enforcement check points. Database of black list vehicles (i.e. stolen) can be uploaded into the system to facilitate surveillance & monitoring function.
  • Can work as a stand alone system of can be integrated with other systems. Remote operation monitoring from any place over a local area network.Reports can be generated for future security use / review.'
  • SmartANPR™
  • In Free Flow or Mobile Mode, SmartANPR™ can be used for a various traffic monitoring,
  • surveillance, and law enforcement applications that include:
  • Freeway border control
  • Automates number plate recording of vehicles crossing country borders. Speeds up overall immigration processing time that reduces vehicle queuing.
  • Monitoring of hot/stolen vehicles crossing borders.Highway security surveillance
  • Point to point speed enforcement
  • Mobile patrolling / surveillance of stolen vehicles.


Security Solution