Video Surveillance Solution

Video Surveillance Solution

Gaining visibility and insight into your business can be a challenge. Whether you manage one location or many locations an effective video surveillance system serves as a crime deterrent as well as a key method to capture and document security events on your premises. With AD Smart Technologies video security solutions, we can keep an eye on your facility so you can focus on what matters: running your business.Our solutions are very cost effective and reliable.Seeing is believing! Our customized video surveillance solutions gives you the peace-of-mind that you’re well protected and secured.

we’ll deliver the right video surveillance solution for your needs, including:
•IP and analog camera systems
•Local, network, and cloud-based video storage options
•Video monitoring
•Video alarm verification
•Live view video on-the-go
•Advanced video analytics capabilities & reporting
•Integration with intrusion, access control, and more
•Mobile Applications that can be monitor from anywhere
•Thermal Camera to monitor the body temperature and heat in facility to avoid fire problem
•ANPR camera system for License plate recongnition 
•People Counting statistic 
•Traffic Flow 
•Heat Map
•Long range Intrusion System camera for border, Industrial premises 
•OCR camera 


Consider some of these benefits of Video Surveillance Solutions
•Monitor employee performance
•Security for parking lots and common areas
•Reduce work related accident liabilities
•Monitor inventory
•Intruder Notification
•24×7 remote and mobile monitoring
•Loss prevention
•Vandalism deterrence
•Facility protection
•Monitor Operation


Our Professional Surveillance software does it all!
This cutting edge software is packed with all the latest features and performance. But best of all its easy to use and completely configurable for you needs. Use the
features you need and turn the rest off..its that simple!

•Installs on PC and Mac
•Fast Setup
•User Friendly Interface
•HD View & Recording
•Custom Multi Camera Viewing
•Motion Activated Recording
•Alarm Response
•2 Way Audio
•Pan, Tilt, Zoom Control
•Multi Camera Playback
•Smart Search
•Remote Off-Site Video Storage
•Remote Viewing; Internet & Smart Phones
•Supports Multiple Locations
•Secure Connections
•Easily Customized
•Professional Performance
•Remote Login Tech Support