Library Management Solution 1

Our RFID Library Management Software is suitable for school and public libraries. Our software can modernize and automate all processes in your library. Our Library Management System reduces the potential for lost or misplaced documents/books due to theft, improper handling, or absentmindedness. It also allows companies to see when and where documents/books are taken when they are checked out of the archives.


Library Management Solution 2

Some features of our R-Library software:

  1. Automatically check-in / check-out of books in desk,eliminating manual labor
  2. Easy access to the location of specific book
  3. Stock Management features
  4. Instant alarm if theft is detected
  5. Organize books by type, name etc.
  6. Customize features and reports are available     
  7. High-speed inventory and identify items which are out of proper order.
  8. Simple reconciliation of missing items
  9. Hosted in cloud server or private server