Our R-Documents Tracking Software provides accurate document management and security. Easy access to the location of the document and prevent from unauthorized removal. Backtrack the activity of documents, sort it by type, automate check-in / check-out and easily manage it from A to Z.



Some features of our R-Documents software:

  1. Organize documents by type, name etc.
  2. Trigger alarms when document removed from certain area without authorization.
  3. Automatically check-in / check-outs of documents in desks/door.
  4. Can assign personal credentials when handling specific documents and manage it.
  5. Easy access to the location of document even in archive area.
  6. NFC/FID technology to access the particular door/zone for more secure access for confidential documents.
  7. CCTV access to check who is inside during Documents Tracking and name will be display on the admin screen.
  8. Hosted on our Cloud Server or private server



The following technology are using for Documents Tracking Solution :