R- Vehicle

R-vehicle 1


Our software provides full monitoring on the movement of vehicles, correct and extremely reliable identification. Our RFID tags is mounted on vehicles and fixed RFID readers or antenna is placed on locations such as entry / exit gates, and weighs bridges and bays. Fully automated wireless identification will be available upon doing this. So, we can track the vehicle (or boats) with GPS or RFID. The Automotive service center will able to know WIP(Work-In-Progress) using RFID system.


R-vehicle 2

Some features of our software:

  1. Quick access to the driver identity
  2. Has vehicle queue management function
  3. Customizable to different kinds of automation such as gate and weighbridge
  4. Customizable report for vehicle activity
  5. Tracking of the vehicles in the facility or yard
  6. WIP for Automotive sector  for quick vehicles delivery
  7. Monitor Employees performance
  8. Display Monitor to guide the vehicles in particular path
  9. Vehicles visibility in bays basis and location in map
  10. Hosted on our Cloud Server or private server


R-vehicle 3

R-vehicle 4